A lesser known Psychology fact:

A lesser known Psychology fact:

I'll share my favorite one: People CREATE precisely what they try hardest to avoid.

Germaphobes and obsessive types often routinely put paper on public toilet seats and let it fall on the floor when they're finished because they don't dare touch it. They don't flush because they refuse to touch the flush handle. So when you walk into a public restroom with toilet paper all over the floor and a toilet full of wretched feces you blame the low-class slobs or teenage vandals but it's often the neat freaks who made that mess!

Another example: People who are afraid of being treated unfairly will unintentionally treat others unfairly in an attempt to ensure that no one is taking advantage of them.

It's a fascinating phenomenon which I have seen in hundreds of people for decades.

Want a few more?

1. People hate in others what they unconsciously hate or fear about themselves.

2. People are unconsciously attracted to partners who remind them of the most difficult relationship of their childhood. It’s why children of alcoholics are attracted to alcoholics; Children from abusive households are often attracted to abusers; Children who played the role of caretaker in their family are attracted to partners who need caregiving; Children of an emotionally-unavailable parent will often be attracted to emotionally-unavailable partners.

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