The Turquoise Arrowhead

The Turquoise Arrowhead

During the first few months after moving to New Mexico, while visiting the Santo Domingo pueblo I met a pueblo Indian named Robert, who made and sold jewelry. He also teaches native folklore and traditions. We talked about our move to Santa…

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Joe College Meets The Prime Imister

Joe College Meets the Prime Minister

That was my working title for the article you are about to read, and it was how I referred to the article when talking with my friends.

In 1978, I was an undergraduate student in the Independent Study program at Southeastern …

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How Do Couples Split Bills?

Before we were married, I saw two potential problems regarding wages. I made twice the salary that my fiancee did, and I spent a lot of personal income on musical instruments and recording equipment. Knowing how many marriages suffer over arguments about money and…

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Living Intentionally

My dad was emotionally unavailable and non-communicative. He neither talked with my brother and me nor played with us. He was cold, grouchy, moody, and impatient. He had grown up with an abusive, alcoholic father and coped by living his life inside a protective bu…

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Best Financial Advice We Ever Received

I was asked, "What is the single most effective piece of financial advice you've ever received?"

We were newlyweds. My wife moved into my rented apartment because the rent was cheap. Months later, a new landlord doubled our rent. Of course, both of us made very l…

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Am I Marrying the Right Person?

I was asked, "How Do I know I'm Marrying The Right Person?"

There are more factors and variables in this than I could cover in a brief answer, but here is my best test: 

Before you commit yourself for life, know how your potential partner reacts under stress. 

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Domestic Abuse

Abusive relationships

As a psychotherapist specializing in anxiety and trauma, I'll share some of what I've learned in the hope that it might help an abuse victim.

1. The longer you put up with abuse, the harder it will be to walk away.

When I work with abused …

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Does Hypnotism work?

I studied Ericksonian Hypnotherapy at Harvard Medical School.

The most impressive demonstration I saw was when our professor put someone into a trance and told them that it was 120 degrees (49c) in the room. It was closer to 68 degrees, but my classmate began to …

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Panic Attacks

I was asked, "Why do I get panic attacks when I'm anxious about an important task?"

Anxiety is a normal, natural human emotion like anger and joy.

Anxiety attacks or panic attacks are not ‘normal.’ They generally happen in individuals who don’t see anxiety as a …

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A lesser known Psychology fact:

I'll share my favorite one: People CREATE precisely what they try hardest to avoid.

Germaphobes and obsessive types often routinely put paper on public toilet seats and let it fall on the floor when they're finished because they don't dare touch it. They don't fl…

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People Pleasing

I was asked, "How do I stop being a 'people pleaser?'"

I have a theory... a way of looking at things... that has served me well: 10% of all the people you'll meet will like you, no matter what. Another 10% will hate you, no matter what. The other 80% have no feel…

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Parental Influence

I was asked, "How have your parents failed you?"

By the time you reach my age (now 69), you won’t even dream of asking such a question.

My father was a cold, hard, non-talkative bigot who struggled to form and maintaining healthy relationships.

My mother was hi…

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How a trip to India changed my life.


In May of 2014, while 15,000 airline travelers were stranded overnight at the Dallas Airport, we met Nipanjana, a young woman from India, who was visiting the U.S. for the first time. Like us, she needed to get to Albuquerque, NM and was told she …

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What one thing do you wish you had known about life when you were in your 20s?

I remember seeing my friends get married one by one when I didn't even have a girlfriend. I wondered what was wrong with me. Was I so unattractive? Was I so strange and unlikable? Every time I dated a girl, I wondered what in the hell she was talking about. How lo…

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What was the best advice your mother gave you?

"Does he want to stay for supper?"

My mother was color blind. She could see and differentiate colors just fine. She couldn't see the imaginary walls our society places between people.

When I was a kid and I brought home Chinese friends and black friends, and His…

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A Remarkable Funeral?

I was asked,

What is one remarkable thing you've witnessed at a funeral?

When my mom died at the age of 92, it wasn't a particularly sad or tragic death. We knew it was coming. My wife and I had driven from Maine to Massachusetts several weeks earlier to see her …

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Hindu Women in Temples

I was asked, "Why can't women go to their temples during their menstrual cycles? Can't they just go without telling anyone?"

I had a conversation about this recently with a young woman in India. She pointed out several things, including how, in her culture, it’s …

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