People Pleasing

People Pleasing

I was asked, "How do I stop being a 'people pleaser?'"

I have a theory... a way of looking at things... that has served me well: 10% of all the people you'll meet will like you, no matter what. Another 10% will hate you, no matter what. The other 80% have no feelings about you, either way. They don't know you exist and don't care.

10% is PLENTY.

That 10% are your 'peeps.' Your tribe. They are people whose souls resonate with yours. ...Who knows why? They don't ask you to prove anything. They like you despite your differing opinions. They like you despite your bad choices. They like you despite your failures. They are happy for your every success. (In contrast to that 10% who can't stand you, who dislike you even more with each success.)

We'll never win over that 90%. Why waste the energy? It would be better to deal with them with a polite detachment. Instead, I spend my emotional energy on my 10%.

10% is PLENTY!

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