Parental Influence

Parental Influence

I was asked, "How have your parents failed you?"

By the time you reach my age (now 69), you won’t even dream of asking such a question.

My father was a cold, hard, non-talkative bigot who struggled to form and maintaining healthy relationships.

My mother was his opposite: Smart, creative, affectionate, talkative, loving… I’m my mother’s son.

Did my father fail me? No. He prepared me for a world that would never care whether I lived or died. A valuable lesson. He taught me how NOT to be a husband and how NOT to be a dad. Both valuable lessons.

My mother lifted herself above her upbringing. My father never did.

ANOTHER valuable lesson.

When you reach my age (if you’re lucky) you’ll realize that every choice you made, voluntary or involuntary, created the person you have become and the life you will end up with. You will stop blaming others for your choices. No one will have failed you.

Life is just a bunch of lessons. We still have choices and your life will always be the direct result of those choices.

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