Healing Heart Drum Beaters

Healing Heart Drum Beaters

Materials: oak, rabbit fur, coyote fur, leather, suede, beadwork, jute, feathers, hemp


SALE: In-stock beaters are $70.00. (Custom beaters are $80.+)

I use only the highest quality materials in my beaters including the solid oak-core, natural furs, leathers, and suede...Decorated with gemstone, metal, wood, glass or ceramic beadwork (never plastic), braided jute, feathers, cloth, rawhide... ...whatever it takes to give the beater it's individuality and spirit.

The beater you see with feathers and beadwork hanging from the middle was ordered specifically to be displayed on a wall. The feather/beadwork assembly is removable anytime you wish to drum. Many of my beaters have their beadwork hanging from the rear so it doesn't interfere with the drumming.

These beaters average between 16 to 17" in length and can be made to order. If you have a favorite color you would like worked into the design, let me know. I built one beater for a woman in Scotland who does energy healing work. She asked for a beater that was predominantly black but incorporated the colors of the Four Directions. Some people simply specify "earthy tones" or "lots of purple" while some have asked me to just create something original. Another woman asked me to incorporate a swatch of cloth from her recently-passed dad's favorite shirt. That led me to build beaters designed around swatches of southwestern cloth.

I first learned to make Native-American-style drums and drum beaters from a Cherokee friend, who taught me the importance of letting my creativity loose so that a part of my spirit was in every drum and beater.

I enjoy building beaters. I don't make two exactly alike, preferring to have them exist as modest, but original works of art. I want them to be just as expressive hanging on a wall as they are when tapping out a rhythm on a drum. I tend to favor covering the beater head with fur as it makes a more mellow-sounding and expressive beater...capable of speaking in a whisper or singing out with joy. On the other hand, for more aggressive drumming, I also cover beater heads with leather, suede, and even denim.

Write me your thoughts and contact info and we'll have a dialog about building your custom beater.

Allow up to 2 weeks for your custom beater to be built. In-stock beaters are shipped in less than 48 hours.

$75.00 each

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