High-Bounce Drum Mallets "RickStix"

High-Bounce Drum Mallets "RickStix"

Materials: oak, compressed rubber, birch

I began making superball mallets nearly 40 years ago when I needed to replace a pair and wasn't willing to spend $15. to $20. for them (1970's prices). What's more, even the best commercial mallets soon flung the ball off its stick.

Over the years, through much experimenting, I found ways to improve on the playability, balance, and durability of my design...and my high-bounce balls won't loosen prematurely and get flung from the stick. No one else dares to make that claim.

My original superball mallets were a yellow smiley face design. I was about to do a gig and the idea of a big guy playing three big, serious African drums with smiley face sticks struck me funny. Years later, when my son was a toddler, I made him my first glow-in-the-dark mallets. I had no idea how popular my mallets would become with kids! They love the designs and being able to drum on hard surfaces (without marring them). I do not recommend my mallets for children 3 years old and under. They look too much like appetizing lollipops! These mallets can be played on kitchen tables, desks, walls, filing cabinets, doors, hardwood floors, you-name-it!

My mallets were affectionately named "RickStix" by members of my first community drum circle.

For serious drumming, my high-bounce mallets are great for playing frame drums (bodhrans, tars, tom-toms, shaman drums, etc.) Native American-style. They sound and feel great on congas, bongos, kpanlogos, ashikos, djun djuns, talking drums, timbales, tongue drums, timbaos, taikos, log drums, and gathering drums, too.

The solid oak or birch shafts are treated for moisture and splinter resistance. The high-bounce superballs and glues are of the best quality. Over the years, my superball mallets have become the best quality I've seen for sale anywhere.

My other Mallet page has pictures of the other design/color choices. If you choose "Surprise Me!" as your design/color choice I will choose my favorite pair I have in stock or I'll build you a pair using attractive balls that are in low supply.

$15.00 pair

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