Double Mallets

Double Mallets

Materials: compressed rubber, oak, birch

Introducing, "Double Mallets". These are mallets that have a large (up to 38mm) superball on one end and a smaller ball on the other. The advantage is you get two mallets in one (different feel, different sound) and the ball you're not using acts as an endcap, balancing the weight of the mallets and making them less likely to slip out of your hands.

Like my other mallets, they sound great on drum kits, congas, bongos, djun djuns, taikos, etc. Half the mallets I've sold for the past 35 years have been purchased by serious drummers while the other half are purchased for kids 3 years old and up because you can use them to play tabletops, refrigerators, file cabinets, doors, walls and floors without damage. Treated for splinter resistance ...and the balls won't fly off the shaft!

If you choose "Surprise Me!" as your design/color choice I will build you a pair using my most attractive balls that are in low supply.

$18.00 1 pair

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