Freestyle Community Drum Circles

Freestyle Community Drum Circles

"Rick's humor, passion and understanding of the nature of human behavior and relationships, shines through in this easy to read no-nonsense book on Freestyle Community Drum Circles. This book will enlighten you and make you laugh."

"I found this book very informative as well as extremely funny and easy to read! It is like hot chocolate and a long conversation! When I wasn't deliriously amused I was learning a lot about how drum circles should be hosted, and how they should not. It totally removes ownership and control of the drum circle and welcomes the incredible diversity and creativity that all drummers have to share. There is a difference between a facilitator and a Host. My own drummers love my hands-off approach and it's all because of Rick's advice and humor."

"Rick Cormier is the funniest and most engaging man."

"This "little" book sends a huge message not only to those who enjoy being a part of a freestyle drum circle but for anyone who really wants to understand the benefits of being part of a community whose goal is to have fun, explore diversity, and experience acceptance is a whole new way. The little book has a big place in my personal library.Highly recommended for anyone."

"The book explains exactly how he conducts his well-attended, much discussed drum circles. Reading this book gave me some of the same "connected" feeling I get from drumming with a group. When you start reading your copy you will soon realize that Rick's recipe for a successful drum circle is a powerful basic recipe for ANY undertaking inviting the public to participate in."

"There is no aspect of Freestyle Drum Circles that Rick Cormier leaves untreated in his humorous way. He brings huge and inspired fun."

With both passion and humor, Rick Cormier pokes the eye of convention and makes a case for freestyle drum circles. He advocates building a safe container where creativity, human connection, and spirituality may thrive. He argues for the benefits of "shared leadership" and the relinquishing of control.

Here is the first book dedicated to the least written about, least understood and yet, the most prevalent type of drum circle in the U.S.: the freestyle community drum circle.

Rick's drum circle stories (often hilarious... sometimes moving) effectively capture the joy and connectivity experienced in drum circle communities and will likely engage all readers to seek out a local drum circle to attend. Rick's years of experience and success provide sound advice to help present and future freestyle drum circle hosts create and maintain successful drum circles.


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