Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts

"A lot of healing and a lot of laughter in reading this. It's quite a refreshing look at therapy."

"As psychologists go, you're a tsunami pretending to be a light rain. Thank you."

 "It's a really excellent and playful book. Extremely readable. It's making me think about becoming a therapist."

   "As a retired social worker who has also worked with abused individuals, I applaud your simple, direct, informative and realistic writing."  

"My wife and I were still up at 2 AM reading this book... and I had to be up for work at six!"   

"When I was done I felt renewed & reminded that the world is bright and sometimes we just take it too seriously. "   

"The hallmark of Rick's clinical practice was his warmth, his generous spirit, and his creativity."  

"Even Rick's irreverent humor can’t hide his wisdom, his deep understanding of mental illness, his desire to help heal it quickly and effectively, and his pragmatic and often creative approach to treatment."

From 2017: "With more than 100 million worldwide users since 2010, and despite the many thousands of mental health professionals on Quora, Quora.com has ranked Rick Cormier among its top 25 most read contributors in the topics of Behavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Therapists. He is ranked in the top ten most read contributors in the topics of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Psychosis, Counseling, Therapists, Behavioral Psychology,The Human Race and Condition,and Panic Attacks and in the top three most read in the topics of Psychotherapy, Abusive Relationships, Psychotherapists, Emotional Abuse, Psychologists, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy."

I consider this the most difficult book I have ever written. It had to be neither a joke book nor a boring psychology textbook. My goal was to give readers an understanding of mental health in a way that was entertaining enough to make them want to turn the page. Reviews suggest that I succeeded.

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