My Life Didn't Always Crack Me Up

My Life Didn't Always Crack Me Up


"My Life Didn't Always Crack Me Up" is a candid account of Rick Cormier's life. It reveals the history of depression, loneliness, and heartache behind the humor for which he's known. Initially reluctant to delve into the darker aspects of his past, the author shares the painful journey that shaped him with honesty and vulnerability.

More than just a memoir, it's an inspiring testament to overcoming adversity and finding joy. Mr. Cormier invites you to witness the struggle that led to his becoming the happiest person he knows. This story reminds readers that they, too, can find their own happy ending."

I will have a supply of these on 7/18/24


"I read the book and I enjoyed it more than I can explain. I'm still crying and I can't really tell you why. But it's a good cry. It's a healing cry."

"Thanks for trusting us all in telling your story. Honestly, I think this might qualify as the most important writing project you've ever done. May it result be a few lighter hearts in the world."

"It will shine a light to other people in darkness, showing them there can be a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel."

"This is my favorite book of yours! Particularly impressed with the economy of your language. It’s always been a strength of yours, but these stories feel concise and focused without losing emotional vulnerability." 

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book. I have had a difficult year or more. It was just amazingly wonderful to read your story and imagine your voice in my head."


"I appreciated the simple language which can be understood easily, even by people whose first language isn’t English. Also, the courage it took to pen this story. It couldn't be easy to share these raw details"



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