My Life Cracks Me Up

My Life Cracks Me Up

"Rick Cormier at his best!!!!!!!!"

"You'll be addicted with the author's journey while reading it. Brilliant book. Certainly cracked me up. Felt like a part of the journey while reading the book. Not a lot of authors have that kind of magical writing."

"I'd use the word outstanding to describe this book. Rick is a brilliant author. I loved the way how this book is written. Everything about this book is brilliant. I recommend this as a must read for everyone."

At its best, my life cracks me up. Yeah, I know... life is also filled with lots of crap.

But, are we paying enough attention to the good stuff that happens in between? Do we pay attention to the funny, ironic, and serendipitous stuff that also makes up our lives?

I do.

Here is my life story in goofy anecdotes. My life without the loss and grief. The kind of stories one might share with a friend over a beer or a coffee. Here is the lighter side of my life as told by an amused observer.


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